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Miriam's Kids Research Foundation

Thank you for helping to fight Pediatric Brain Cancer. Your donation is making a difference!

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We are currently accepting donations online through First Giving
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Mail in Donations 

You can donate by mail by printing and filling out our Mail-In Donation Form and sending your donation to:

Miriam's Kids Research Foundation
1079 Townsend Circle
Wayne PA 19087

Tax ID : 26-1826111

A form is not required to make a donation by mail. We gratefully accept any donation.

Make a Tribute Gift

You can make a tribute gift for anyone or for any occasion.

We will happily notify the tribute recipient of your gift in their honor, if you provide any relevant information.

Thank you for choosing to honor someone special with a gift to Miriam's Kids Research Foundation

To mail in your tribute gift, simply provide details of the tribute and send your donation to:

Miriam's Kids Research Foundation
1079 Townsend Circle
Wayne PA 19087

Tax ID : 26-1826111

To make a tribute gift by phone or if you have questions about your tribute gift, call: 1-610-688-7218

Make an Estate Gift
Thank you for considering Miriam's Kids Research Foundation in your estate planning. We consider it a privilege and an honor to receive a bequest from a donor's will.

There are several ways to leave a meaningful legacy by naming Miriam's Kids Research Fund in your will:
* Leave a specific dollar amount
* Leave a percentage of your estate
* Leave a specific asset such as stocks, real estate, or other valuable possession
* Name Miriam's Kids Research Foundation as a secondary beneficiary, in case your heirs do not survive you.

We also offer named research grants and permanently named endowments to recognize your generosity in remembering Miriam's Kids Research Foundation.

Please consult with your attorney, tax advisor, and loved ones regarding your wishes to support Miriam's Kids Research Foundation through a bequest.


For more information on estate gifts to Miriam's Kids Research Foundation, please contact Helena Quigley:

Email:helena@miriamskids.org or Phone: 610-688-7218

Miriam's Kids Research Foundation is a registered public charity under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, therefore your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law. We suggest that you consult your tax advisor to determine the tax deductibility of your gift.

Our Federal tax identification number is 26-1826111



Miriam's Kids Research Foundation

Miriam's Kids Research Foundation
The Quigley Family
1079 Townsend Circle
Wayne, PA 19087

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